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Evaluating 21st Century Skills

This week I was asked to evaluate to the Partnership for 21st Century Skills website, and give an analysis of my findings. Overall, I was impressed with the sight. I thought the site offered many resources, and did an excellent job of stating and explaining the mission and purpose of their organization.

   I was particularly impressed with the frameworks. One reason is that my beliefs are aligned with their beliefs. I also believe that most of the knowledge and skills that students are being  taught, do not match the knowledge and skills they will need in the workplace as they enter their adult lives. I also like that this framework focuses on globalization, and the need for students to understand environmental issues. With the Earth’s population expected to reach 7 billion in the near future, examining environmental issues, and solutions to them, will be critical in order to preserve human life. 

   One aspect of the frameworks that I did not necessarily agree with, was the initiative to develop leaders. I certainly understand the need to have strong leaders in our society and the workplace. However, I think most people in these positions are natural leaders. Sure, they need development of these leadership skills, but most of these people have an innate ability to lead. Furthermore, there will always be some people that will never be leaders. I would not throw out this part of the framework, rather make this an extension of the frameworks for those students that are interested in leadership roles.

   Moving forward, I will use this site as a valuable resource to provide these skills to my students. As I viewed the P21 map, I noticed that the state of Georgia has not adapted the frameworks, or has yet to prove it is has done enough to qualify as a P21 state. My state has adapted the Common Core Standards. However, as I reviewed the 21st Century Skills Social Studies Map, many of the standards are closely aligned. I was impressed with the collaboration aspect of the standards, and will be using many of the activities with my students such as wikis and blogs. This will allow to teach the material set forth by my state, as well as teach the skills that will definitely be needed in the 21st century world and job market.  

You can visit the site here:


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