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Student Podcast

Student Podcast

This is a podcast of some questions that I asked my students about how they use technology in their home setting, what types of programs do they use, what types of technology do they own, and  what are their thoughts on technology use in the classroom?
The students that I interviewed were mostly from my accelerated class. They ranged in demographics from a Pakistani Muslim girl, to a Hispanic Catholic boy. I was very familiar with the Audacity software, as I use it very often. I was able to edit over fifteen minutes worth of tape, down to less than seven minutes. I believe the students that I interviewed gave me a correct protrait on the amount of technology available to my students, how they use technology at home, and how they feel about technology use in the classroom.
One interesting aspect that cannot be learned from listening to the podcast, is the correlation to social networking, and class grades. After talking to many of my students, I noticed that my students that did not participate actively on social networking sites, had a higher grade point average than those that do. The students told me that they believe it is because they have less distractions, and can focus more on completing assignments. This may be true, and is something I will research with my students, and my colleagues’ students as well, to see if this holds true across the grade level?
Like blogging, and partcipating on a wiki page, I really enjoyed this assignment. It was really remarkable to interview my students and hear their responses. Some surprised me, and others did not. Please feel free to leave feedback. let me know what you thought was interesting or went well during the interviews, also let me know what did not go well, or what questions you would have liked me to ask the students?


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