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At this point in my class, I have started to incorporate parts of my GAME plan.  This past week, I installed a new Mimio interactive board in my classroom. Once I installed this technology, my students were automatically interested.  In my GAME plan, I want to use technology every single day in the classroom. This interactive board will help me reach my students even more than I could before.  The interactive board is just the first step to what I need in my classroom to carry out my plan.  I will need technologies such as clickers, laptops, digital cameras, and digital recorders to continue to meet my plan.  Cennamo, Ross, and Ertmer (2009) explained that “digital media are a key factor for implementing UDL based on the flexibility they offer both teachers and students” (pg. 126).  Having these technologies will help me achieve my GAME plan, and assist the students in learning. One of my goals for teaching and instruction is to transform my class into a self-directed center for learning. I want to provide my students with all the resources and materials they need construct their own meaning of content, while being a facilitator of learning. Building online classes, similar to the ones we have here at Walden, is a step in that direction. While the Mimio software in itself is not a game changer, it does allow me to be away from my personal computer and interact with students, as well let the students step away from their technology to interact with their teacher.

Even though I have incorporated the interactive board in my class, I still have a bunch of work to do to completely meet my GAME plan. I feel I still have some lessons and plans that I am having trouble integrating technology with.  Some days, I revert back to my old ways of teaching, which include reading and answering questions with pen or pencil.  Even though I make my lessons very interactive between students, sometimes I feel I need to incorporate some sort of technology.  That is why I am glad I have the interactive board because now I can use more interactive websites and media in the classroom and not just in the computer lab. I am currently encouraging my students and parents to have some type of technology available for use each day. This concept is essential for achieving my goals of my GAME plan.


Cennamo, K., Ross, J., & Ertmer, P. (2009). Technology integration for meaningful classroom

use: A standards-based approach. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning


One response to “Carrying Out My Personal GAME Plan

  1. DaniW14

    I absolutely love your vision for your classroom to be a “self-directed center for learning”. I believe that the resources that you have chosen will help you successfully implement your GAME plan. The fact that you want your students to use technology every day is ambitious. You will be offering ample opportunities for your students to become fluent 21st century learners. The interactive white board is a great place to start. I love using the clickers when using the interactive white board. The students are so engaged and love to see their instant feedback. I appreciate that you acknowledged that you still have work to do in order to incorporate more technology into all of your lessons. As teachers in an ever changing environment, our jobs are never done. Realizing that there is always room to grow is the sign of a caring and driven educator. Best of luck as you implement your GAME plan!

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